The University of British Columbia, Continuing Studies Centre for Sustainability

UBC Award of Achievement in Sustainability Management

The UBC Award of Achievement in Sustainability Management delivers a clear understanding of how sustainability extends through all areas of an organization and how to create holistic sustainability initiatives that make an impact. The courses within the program address how to approach new market opportunities and challenges, resource scarcity and greenhouse gas emissions management in an increasingly complex and globalized world. The program is designed to challenge traditional practices and teach you how to help transform an organization to support a sustainable future.

The curriculum consists of a minimum of 100 hours of required and elective courses. The required courses offer a comprehensive introduction to understanding and developing sustainability initiatives. Business and community oriented courses offer principles in an organizational context, techniques, tools and how to implement them. Elective courses allow for individual specialization in particular areas of sustainability management.

Please note that the program curriculum evolves over time to meet the current realities of the industry. Therefore, learning objectives, subject areas, topics, speakers and assignments that make up the program will change to reflect the needs of the program participants and new best practices and technologies.

Sequence of Courses
Part-time participants complete the program by completing all required courses and enough elective course hours to meet the 100 hour requirement. It is strongly recommended to take “Introduction to Sustainability: From Origins to Applications” first, as it is a prerequisite for all remaining required courses. Students have up to two years to complete the UBC Award of Achievement in Sustainability Management and can take courses at their own pace.

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