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Abbottsfield Industrial Training, Inc.

Valves and Controlling Elements for Industrial Applications Technical Training Courses



Target Audience: Recently Graduated Engineers, Senior Plant Operators and Maintainers. Course Duration: Three Consecutive Days, Eight Hours a Day. Class size: Minimum five students. Prices: $1,750.00 per student. Discounts for 11 or more students. Course Location: Abbottsfield’s Oregon offices; National and International Video Conferences.

Course Outline:

  • General Industrial Valve Applications.
  • Valve types (globe, butterfly, wafer, weir, needle and ball).
  • Valve Nomenclature: stem, actuator yoke, packing box, bonnet, cage, seat ring, plug, body, and gaskets.
  • Principles of valve operation.
  • Valve selections for given applications.
  • Flow Characteristics in different valves: laminar, turbulent, multi-phase.
  • Apply flow and state characteristics for specific valve types: temperature, viscosity, specific gravity.
  • Calculate specific gravity, capacity of flow, system pressure and pressure dropt across valves.
  • Valve selection for specific applications.

Valve Actuators

  • What is a Valve Actuator
  • Types of Actuators: manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, spring loaded
  • Actuator Movement
  • Electric Actuators
  • Actuator Functions
  • Actuator Duties
  • In-field Service Conditions

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