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Bradshaw Electric Vehicles recognise that owning an electric vehicle means that operators, and those likely to be working near the vehicle, have serious responsibilities under sections of the Health and Safety at Work Act and other working regulations. To comply with the legislation training in the safe operation of the vehicle and general safety training are obligatory. As the vehicle manufacturer Bradshaw Electric Vehicles offer a comprehensive Safe Operation training course specifically designed for the operators along with managers and supervisors who have responsibility for the vehicle and the operator. All training is carried out at your facility ensuring the training is specific to your requirements.

  • Risk Assessment
  • Management responsibilities
  • Refuelling / Battery Charging
  • General Safety
  • Parking & Driving
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Tow Tractor / Trailer Equipment
  • Familiarisation with vehicle instrumentation

HSE Recommendation
HSE recommend that all operators of powered plant equipment & vehicles are to be trained or reassessed on a regular basis.  The regularity varies according to the particular vehicle type and where it is used.  Operators of vehicles used in the public domain are usually reassessed every 2 years, having first undergone Bradshaw’s full certificated training.

The Course
The aim of the course is to provide trainee or improver drivers with the necessary knowledge and ability to safely use and take proper care of any Bradshaw vehicle or related product.

Each aspect of the vehicle training is fully recorded with a written assessment of each trainee, and a copy retained by the customer and Bradshaw Electric Vehicles.

The training can usually be successfully achieved within one working day.  This will depend upon the training location, the  number of required trainees, type of vehicle, use of trailers, use of special purpose equipment, and each trainee’s experience and aptitude.

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