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Gain a general understanding of the financial, economic, and physical impacts of corrosion on the water and wastewater industry, as well as how corrosion control results in cost savings and lower health risks. The Corrosion in the Water and Wastewater Industry eCourse is geared towards individuals who need the ability to recognize and understand the effects of corrosion in the industry.

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Course Description:
Module 1 - Corrosion in the United States

Review the findings, results and suggested actions of the 2002 Corrosion Report. Understand the range and cost of corrosion in the United States with an emphasis on the Water and Wastewater Industry.

Module 2 - Fundamentals of Corrosion

Learn the fundamentals of corrosion and how to prevent fatal disasters caused by it. Basic principles of chemistry and physics, such as atomic theory and molecular bonding are introduced to explain the science behind the corrosion cell, which is paramount to understanding corrosion.

Module 3 - Environments of Corrosion

Corrosion rates vary depending on the material and environment. Examine the different environments in which corrosion occurs, the interaction of these environments with material, and the corresponding effects on corrosion rates.

Module 4 - Engineering Materials

Examine how ductile iron, steel, aluminum, concrete and copper are used in modern engineering projects along with the applications, characteristics and vulnerabilities of each material.

Module 5 - Forms of Corrosion

Generalized, localized, pitting, crevice and intergranular corrosion types are discussed. Galvanic, erosion, de-alloying, stress, fatigue and temperature based corrosion are also covered; as are the effects, causes and solutions for these various forms of corrosion.

Module 6 - Methods of Corrosion Control

This module introduces the methods for slowing or preventing corrosion. Corrosion mitigation techniques include material section, environment modification, coating application and cathodic protection.

Module 7 - Economics of Water Corrosion

Gain an understanding of the economics of water corrosion and the challenges corrosion presents to the industry. Detailed investigations cover the costs of water corrosion in pipes, storage tanks, reservoirs, and the impacts of wastewater corrosion.

Module 8 - Water and Wastewater Corrosion

This module illustrates the physical and chemical properties that cause soil and water to act as corrosive agents. The most common forms of corrosion seen within the water and wastewater sectors are examined along with the mechanisms that accelerate water corrosion.

Module 9 - Water and Wastewater Environments

This module looks at three environments in which water-based corrosion occurs. How the physical properties of a material and naturally occurring processes affect corrosion rates are discussed in subterranean, aqueous and atmospheric conditions.

Module 10 - Material Selection for Water

Learn how material selection can reduce corrosion from water in multiple environments. Also covered are the chemical and physical processes that cause corrosion in water environments, and how different materials affect these processes. Other topics include common materials used to deter corrosion, and the ways in which these materials themselves corrode.

Module 11 - Water and Wastewater Corrosion Control

Understand the reasons why preventing corrosion is beneficial from cost savings to increased health to reducing wasted water and how to approach implementing a water corrosion mitigation plan.

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