The All Hazards Training Center at The University of Findlay

Workplace Violence Prevention Training


What many people don't understand is workplace violence is preventable because the perpetrator will almost always signal what they are going to do. You just need to learn how to recognize the clues. Findlay All Hazards provides insightful, custom training to help managers, human resource professionals and safety/security staff understand the warning signs of conflict and take proactive measures to preempt violence or harassment. Findlay All Hazards adopts an 'all hazards' approach to workplace safety where all contributors to possible danger are addressed. This includes policies and procedures, common profiles of perpetrators, even facility security systems. We tailor our menu of services to match your needs, from basic safety assessments to implementation of Threat Assessment Management programs to scenario-based interactive training to full-scale exercises.

Delivering Proven, Effective, and Flexible Concepts
Organizations face their own unique challenges, making a 'cookie cutter' approach to workplace violence prevention training a poor fit to most situations. Our approach is different: experienced Findlay professionals first meet with your team to understand your needs and tailor a program to meet them. Then we work with your staff to develop and deliver programs that include the appropriate mix of:

  • Writing or Revising Your Workplace Violence Prevention Policy
  • Training Your Staff In Recognizing Behavior Cues That Escalate to Conflict
  • Incorporating Community Resources And Local Law Enforcement Into Your Plans
  • Developing a Threat Assessment Management Team to Prevent Crises
  • Recommending Facility Security System Enhancements
  • Formulating Safe Employee Termination Procedures

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