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Portable Screen Mobile Screen Track Screen Vagli Vibranti Video

The KOMPLET vibrating screens can be suitable for different sectors. In fact our wide range of screening machines can screen: rubble, concrete, soil, marble, furnace discard material, etc.
WV model screens are compact portable screen powered by electric motor and suitable to screen and classify every kind of small/medium size material. They are featured of a solid pedestal and can mount n.1 or n.2 vibrating nets, according with the needs of the end user. They can be supplied with the conveyors we produce and when loaded by a crusher, they form into a complete recycling plant.
GV 25 e GV 30 are complete medium size portable screen which allow to obtain n.3 sizes of material in a single screening cycle. The GV plant are featured of a n.2 vibrating nets, a main unloading conveyor built in under the net (to unload the finest material) and n.2 other lateral conveyors. The GV plants can be loaded directly by the unloading conveyor of the crusher or they can be loaded by excavators or loaders. For optimizing the screening process it is possible to we can supply an extra loading conveyor to be mounted over the GV machine.

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