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SKC Sampler for Viable Aerosols Video


The SKC BioStage single-stage viable cascade impactor meets NIOSH methods 0800 and 0801 and ACGIH recommendations for sampling indoor and outdoor air for viable microorganisms including bacteria and fungi. SKC BioStage operates on the proven principle of impaction of microorganisms onto an agar collection medium (agar-filled Petri dish); performance is equivalent to the Andersen N-6. SKC BioStage features the SureLock Seal, a design improvement over spring clamps that can leak, to ensure sample integrity. The SKC BioStage partnered with the SKC QuickTake 30 Sample Pump provides the ultimate in convenient bioaerosol sampling. SKC also offers the BioSampler impinger-type viable aerosol sampler for special applications.

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