Professional Shredding Corporation (PROSHRED)

The On-Site Shredding Process- Proshred-Video

How Proshred's On Site Shredding Works:

1. Our secure process starts from the instant your employees deposit their confidential paper in our locked office consoles.
2. Based on your service schedule, our Customer Security Professionals (CSPs) empty your consoles and transport your sensitive information—in a locked wheeled tip cart—to the shredding truck parked outside.
3. During the entire process, your paper is never directly handled by our CSPs.
4. The wheeled tip cart is securely fastened to the chute of the shredding truck and automatically lifted inside the truck to shred your material into tiny pieces, which are mixed with other shredded paper that cannot be reconstructed.

Our state-of-the-art trucks can shred thousands of pounds of paper an hour and quickly complete even very large jobs. Not only are all your documents completely destroyed on-site, 100% of the material is recycled and eventually made into other paper products. Each time you shred with us you know exactly how many trees you have saved, and at the end of the year you are presented with a TreeSaver Environmental Certificate indicating the total number of mature trees you saved during the year through our recycling process.

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