Turning Flow Meter Parts In Fast Forward Video

MEMFlo™ PVC & CPVC Flow Meters are manufactured at our factory in Wadsworth, OH. Here a production worker shows the process of turning parts on a lathe.


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MEMFlo SupraFlo MFVC PVC & CPVC flow meters are simple, accurate variable area meters and resistant to many acids, alkalis, salt solutions, and other corrosives. These meters have an excellent tolerance to suspended solids and measure flow to one percent accuracy. Unlike tapered tube rotameters, the SupraFlo MFVC flow meters have an indicator disk in close proximity to the edge of the sight tube for visibility even in many dirty fluids. Alternatively, magnetic indication is available for accurate reading regardless of media. And these meters can be supplied with MFT™ 2-Wire Transmitters for digital flow rate and total indication.

This volumetric flow meter technology is sometimes referred to as a variable area flow meter, VA meter, rotameter, or rotometer. While these terms are used interchangeably at times, the MEMFlo flow meter has many unique advantages over other meters using the same volumetric principle for measurement including excellent tolerance to suspended solids, extended flow ranges, incredible durability, disassembly without removing from the pipeline, and many more.

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