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Floating skimmers equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    Polychem - Scum Removal

    The removal of scum during clarification is an essential step to decrease organic loadings and scum buildup in subsequent treatment processes. Brentwood’s rotating scum troughs and skimmers efficiently remove all grease, scum, and floating material from the water surface in rectangular clarifiers and settling basins.

    By Brentwood Industries, Inc. based in Reading, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Polychem Sludge Collectors - Components Product line

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    Dewa - Model Chain Scraper System - CSS

    DEWA chain scraper system is reliable and user-friendly solution for rectangular settling basins. They can be used in various applications, such as, water and wastewater treatment, API oil-water separation, storm water treatment, and desalination. DEWA chain scrapers can be built one on top of the other in 2 – 3 layers, and are applicable ...

    By Econet group Ltd. based in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Water & Wastewater Product line

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    Polychem - Rotating Helical Skimmer

    The rotating helical skimmer assembly is designed to remove all grease, scum, and other floating material from the water surface, including light, slow-moving scum that will not readily float to traditional scum troughs. As the helical skimmer continually revolves 360 degrees, its rubber wiper blades lift the surface scum up a curved steel or ...

    By Brentwood Industries, Inc. based in Reading, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Polychem Sludge Collectors - Components Product line

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    TBC - Model Komara 15 - Duplex Oil Skimmer

    The Vikoma Komara 15 Duplex is designed as a multiuse skimmer. This skimmer can easily be changed from oleophilic discs to brushes and back again depending on the application. The bruch and disc cassettes can be changed in about two minutes without special tools.   The skimmer’s profile is compact and light weight, making it great ...

    By Texas Boom Company based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Oil Skimmers - Skimmers Product line

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    TBC - Model KomaraZ - Mini Oil Skimmer

    The Vikoma Komara Mini is designed to provide ultimate portability. It can easily be carriers by one person. The Mini is great to use in difficult to access areas and shallow waters, and can be used in restricted spaces like marinas and around jetties and docks.

    By Texas Boom Company based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Oil Skimmers - Skimmers Product line

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    Dragonfly - Model 4K316SSB - Micro Oil Skimmer

    The standard floating head used on the 4K316SSB oil skimmer is made a polypropylene fabric concertina machined with a rigid PVC head that floats at the surface. As water is drawn down through the concertina it automatically adjusts its horizontal position relative to the water’s surface to allow the required amount of water as drawn by the ...

    By Floating Skimmers USA based in Florence, OREGON (USA). from Micro Oil Skimmer Product line

  • Ultraspin - Oil Skimmers

    The Ultraspin oil skimmer is an important part of many of our oil water separators. Why do we like them so much? Greatly improve the overall water discharge quality. Minimise the risk of oil spills if the pit floods (no oil on top to overflow). Reduces flammable risk – no oil on top to catch fire. Less pit pump-outs when no oil gets built ...

    By Ultraspin Technology Pty Ltd based in Boronia, AUSTRALIA.

  • Mini Fasflo System

    The Mini Fasflo is a free floating, portable skimmer for the recovery of oil in confined fast flowing waters such as streams, rivers, estuaries and industrial discharge channels (the larger version of this skimmer, the Fasflo, is designed for use in more open waters and offshore applications). The only moving part on the Mini Fasflo is a self ...

    By Vikoma International Limited based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Recovery Systems - Advancing Product line

  • SkimOil - Rope Mop Skimmer for Floating Oils

    The rope mop oil skimmers or rope mop wringers are about the oldest technology out there for oil skimming or getting oil off of water. Like all hard mounted oil skimmers the Rope Mop Oil Skimmer can be set to run continuously and run unattended. These rope mops run an endless or looped  rope or belted material (looks like a squirrel tail) ...

    By SkimOil Inc. based in Carrboro, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Oil Skimmers Product line

  • Komara - Model 15 Duplex - Skimmer System

    The Komara 15 skimmer system is a highly portable oil recovery system, which has been designed to recover a wide range of oil types. The system includes a multi-head skimmer with interchangeable disc and brush cartridges, floating transfer pump, powerpack and associated hoses and floats.  Due to its compact size, the Komara 15 ...

    By Vikoma International Limited based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Recovery Systems - Oleophilic Disc Product line

  • Double Disc Bank Floating Type Oil Skimmer

    Double diaphram ball valve type, placed on shore which can handle solids upto 6 mm. in size and the suction capacity of 8 mtrs. Make - WARREN RUPP (USA) Air Supply - Not in our scope. Air requirement per pump is 15 CFM at Max. pressure of 6.5 kgs. (Normal working pressure less than 5 kg.).

    By Potential Engineering based in Ghatkopar east, Mumbai, INDIA.

  • Delta System

    The Delta skimmer system is a self-contained free floating oil recovery system, specifically designed for operation in shallow waters and inaccessible areas. The system comprises of a suction weir skimmer head coupled to a diesel driven VikoPump with associated hoses, couplings and floats. The system will recover up to 25m3/hr. The Delta skimmer ...

    By Vikoma International Limited based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Recovery Systems - Weir Product line

  • Flip-Flop Skimmer

    The Flip-Flop Skimmer is a totally convertible system for flotation or manual strainer suction in applications from oil spills to fat and grease recovery.

    By Flo Trend - a Wassar Logistics Holdings, LLC based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Separation Product line

  • Mavi Deniz - Catamaran Oil Skimmer

    Mavi Deniz Vessel Built-In to Catamaran Vessel, Oil Skimmer System BDD ( Brush Module, Disc Module, Drum Module ) is a high-efficiency skimmer for recovering of floating oil on water. The success of Catamaran Oil Skimming System lies with the extremely high performance of Oil Recovery System, which has a wide range of oil types and a wide range of ...

  • Model T9 - Skimmer System (Floating or Fixed)

    The T9 skimmer system is highly efficient for use in the removal of a wide range of water contaminated hydrocarbon based pollutants. The system is designed for continuous use in both hazardous and corrosive environments. It can be supplied either as free floating, for use when there are significant water level changes, or fixed, to be used where a ...

    By Vikoma International Limited based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Industrial Products Product line

  • Skim-pak - Model Series 4000 - Stainless Steel Flow - Control and Floating Fixed Weir Surface Skimmer Systems

    The skim-pak series 4000 skimmers are rugged, compact and portable for operation in tanks, lagoons, ponds, lakes, rivers and harbors. Capable of fitting through any 24” access, the Series 4000 skimmers utilize a unique self adjusting flow control eliminating manual adjustments. This unique flow control will recover more oil and less water, ...

    By Skim-pak based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA). from General Industrial Product line

  • Lamor - Model LWS 500/800 - Weir Skimmer

    The light-weight and self-adjusting LWS 500/800’s are user friendly oil recovery skimming units. The skimmers have high recovery capacity in all operating conditions and utilizes the most commonly used skimming principles. The skimmers are designed to provide many years of reliable service and are low maintenance.

  • Dissolved Air Flotation System

    A liquid solid separation process achieved by microscopic air bubbles attaching themselves to solids suspended in a liquid and causing these solids to float to the surface.

    By Kusters Water, a division of Zima Corporation based in Spartanburg, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Thickening Product line

  • Skim-pak - Model 2300-SH; 4300-SH; 18300-SH; 20300-SH - Flow - Control and ABS Plastic Floating Skimmer Systems

    Skim-pak weir type skimmers are simply the best skimmers money can buy. Skim-paks are light weight and compact, easily deployed and operated by one person. The weir automatically adjust to the pump rate continually maintaining a skim. Skimpak skimmers can be set up for unattended operation or fitted with an operator control accessory package.

    By Skim-pak based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Small Spill Product line

  • Oil sLick - Skimmer

    Oil sLick is Muddy River Technologies’ proprietary oil skimmer that efficiently removes floating oil while taking only minimal water. Oil sLick can be used to clean up oil spills or recover free oil from industrial wastewater. Oil sLick’s perfectly weighted ring intake weir floats on either fresh water or salt water so just a small ...

    By Muddy River Technologies Inc based in Delta, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

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