Carbon Activated Corporation

Activated carbons for precious metal recovery and mining industry - Mining - Gold Mining

Activated Carbon has a major role in various applications across the mining industry, particularly in gold recovery. Activated Carbon fulfills a crucial role as the key element in Heap Leach Circuits, Carbon in Leach, and Carbon in Pulp processes. Carbon Activated Corp. has a well developed history of supplying goldmines across the USA, South America, Turkey and a number of other gold producing territories. We are a major manufacturer of activated carbon specialized for the gold mining industry and precious metals recovery to be utilized in both Carbon Leach and Carbon Pulp methods.

Our special range of gold recovery products benefit the gold recovery process through:

  • Rapid adsorption kinetics
  • High gold loading
  • Consistent performance
  • Excellent attrition resistance
  • Low platelet development

Carbon Activated products offer both performance and value to any gold recovery operation.