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ADVANCEES - Formation Water Custom skid-mounted water purification equipments - Water and Wastewater

Oil and grease in formation water includes free oil, dispersed oil (small oil droplets), and emulsified oil. Oil and grease discharge, along with produced water, involves compliance with stringent regulations. Oil and grease removal methods depend on the end usage of treated water and composition of oil in the produced water. For more info contact us at

The formation water treatment for reuse and recycle includes underground injection to stimulate additional oil production, use for irrigation, livestock or wildlife watering and habitat, and various industrial uses (e.g., dust control, vehicle washing, power plant makeup water, and fire control).

In general the most effective steps to achieve reusable water levels from formation water are:

Since every water source has different composition, we strongly recommend to perform a complete water analysis to properly size the removal solution that meet the customer’s criteria. These are the basic parameters to know in order to properly size the solution.

  • Total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • Oil and grease content
  • Hardness ( Ca and Mg )
  • Manganese (Mn)
  • BOD
  • Turbidity
  • Heavy metals content ( Pb ) , (Cd), Cr, (Sb) and (Mo)
  • Incoming Power
  • Incoming feed flow and source
  • Effluent characteristics – government regulatory requirements

Complete flowchart for formation water reuse below showing the ADVANCEES systems.  This flowchart vary based on raw water quality and customer’s requirement. Many options and combinations are possible, the best solution needs to accommodate the minimum life cycle cost such as low operating cost, low maintenance, easy to operate and monitor.