Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

Air cleaning system for the agriculture sector - Agriculture

High Efficiency odor, VOC and particle filtration without the high costs of energy and maintenance. Dynamic Air Cleaners have been used successfully around the world to remove VOCs, mold spores, and ultrafine particles from indoor air and outdoor ventilation air, and for mitigating odors from exhaust air.

Within the rapidly expanding legal marijuana industry, Dynamic Activated Carbon Matrix (ACM) Systems have been used successfully to mitigate odors from exhaust air at large commercial marijuana growing operations to meet local codes and ordinances.

Growers find that Dynamic ACM Systems do not load as quickly as pellet based systems and work in humid environments up to 99% RH. And Dynamic ACM systems have up to a 60% lower pressure drop, reducing blower horsepower by up to 50% compared to pellet systems. This is important for smaller packaged equipment that can't handle high static conditions.

High-efficiency Dynamic Air Cleaners are used around the world as an alternative to traditional passive filters. Filtration can be expensive. Not because of the cost of the filters, but because of the ongoing energy costs which make up 90% of the cost of filtration. Air movement consumes over 40% of the energy in most buildings. With passive filters, as efficiency increases, so does the amount of energy required to push air through the filter. Dynamic Air Cleaners have low pressure resistance in addition to mechanisms that remove odors and VOCs – something passive filters won’t do.

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions was a sponsor at the 3rd Annual Marijuana Business Conference & Expo held in November 2014.