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Air pollution control for ventilation air methane industry - Air and Climate

Ventilation Air Methane (VAM) is a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) released by coal or mineral mining operations, it is also commonly known as Coal Mine Methane (CMM).  The air pollutants from this process have a global warming potential 21 times greater than carbon dioxide, which is another well known GHG.  As alternative energy technologies have developed, methane is increasingly used to generate electricity and heat.  Landfills and mines represent two of the most abundant sources, however reports indicate that more than 50% of all VAM is exhausted from mine ventilation systems and remains unutilized.

Mining operations can profit by not venting the methane to atmosphere if they incorporate the proper VAM oxidation technology for air purification and combine it with a heat-to-power system for electricity production.  These projects can often be funded without using extensive capital resources when the carbon credit and electrical power potential is taken into account. 

Based on the general process conditions, a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) is clearly the best abatement device for VAM but it is certainly not a standard RTO application.  These systems must be built conservatively and with great flexibility to ensure continuous operation.  Most mine operators demand that the emission control system and related hooding for collection have zero impact on the operation and employee safety. 

The sheer volume of air coming from the mine shafts is massive and can vary greatly.  Therefore VAM oxidizers must handle the large volume / low concentration stream, yet be capable of adapting to emission and flow spikes.  The Anguil RTO for mine ventilation is designed with proprietary hot gas bypass dampers to handle these conditions without going offline or overheating.

We monitor and maintain methane values so that the thermal oxidizer is self- sustaining and requires little supplemental fuel.  Computational fluid dynamic modeling and real time monitoring within the Anguil system ensure destruction efficiencies are met and the equipment will last. 

Our engineers have designed RTOs that are suitable for installation in remote locations of mining operations, natural gas operations and petroleum refineries.  The oxidizer and capture enclosure can be modular in design to allow for mobility, should the system be moved to another location once a mine has been closed.       

Anguil supplies turnkey abatement solutions which can include civil, soil, mechanical and electrical permits and installation.  Mine safety and environmental compliance have driven Anguil's design for this application.  Additionally, our systems are designed to comply with state, federal and company safety standards.