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Analytical and measuring instruments of environmental industry - Environmental

The environmental field requires robust, high-sensitivity analysis capable of complying with regulations in order to always meet the stringent target values that have been established to assure the safety of the water supply and protect the environment. Moreover, in laboratories where more than 100 samples are processed per day, increasing the throughput and saving energy are issues of concern.

  • Offering the highest level of robustness, the sample injection system (vertical torch orientation) is designed to minimize torch clogging and memory effects. Even with boron, which tends to produce memory effects, measurements can be repeated with short rinse times, thus resulting in a shorter analysis time.
  • The axial view has been optimized in order to provide the utmost in sensitivity.
  • Achieve an even higher level of sensitivity by combining the ICPE-9800 with an optional ultrasonic nebulizer or hydride generator