Axetris AG

Analytical instruments for gas chromatography - Monitoring and Testing

Gas Chromatography requires a stable repeatable flow of the carrier gas with negligible temperature drift. The Axetris MFC provides excellent control of the gas flow resulting in sharp peaks and high resolution of the chromatograms. Multiple calibrations allow the control of Helium, Hydrogen or Nitrogen. Due to the high turn down ratio of 1000:1 and more, a broad range of flows can be controlled.

Because of its ultra-compact size, the MFC 2022 module is the best choice if you have limited space and your instrument offers a common enclosure already. It can also be recommended for portable applications because its low power consumption and weight.

Besides carrier gas control, Axetris MFC’s are also used on the inlet side of the gas chromatograph, for example for thermal desorption where the high turn-down ratio of 1000:1 is a key benefit. On the detector side of gas chromatographs, in particular TCD (Thermal conductivity detector) and MSD (Mass spectroscopy detector), Axetris customers benefit from the excellent repeatability and the leading low flow capability of the Axetris mass flow controller products.