Chemical Water Treatment for cleaning - Water and Wastewater - Water Utilities

Deposits in water systems, especially in heat exchangers, result in a significant heat transfer reduction, in low efficiency and a loss of cooling capacity. Some systems, after long operational periods without any water conditioning or with inadequate treatment, need cleaning. Therefore Kurita Water Solutions proposes acidic, alkaline and neutral cleaners to remove deposits, scale, fouling, dirt, grime or impurities.

Ferrolin: products for the removal of scale, metal oxides, deposits, oil, mud

What can Kurita offer you?

  • Preliminary investigation of pre-set boundary conditions, e.g. circuit materials, available time, existing technical equipment
  • Exact analysis of the composition of the deposits.
  • Implementation of customized cleaning procedure.
  • Proposals for an optimization of the water treatment, e.g. the use of our products for hardness stabilization or corrosion inhibition in water systems, to avoid corrosion and deposits. 

Why choose Kurita?

Our cleaning agents show an optimized efficiency for deposit removal:

  • To avoid heat transfer reduction.
  • To keep the water flow.
  • To prevent biological contamination.
  • To preserve the circuits against corrosion.