BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

Chromatography laboratory instrumentation for feed industry - Manufacturing, Other

To produce efficiently several feed formulations starting from continuously changing raw materials and premixes, require flexible and accurate analytical and formulation technologies. BUCHI offers dedicated solutions for the entire value chain: from R&D and QC laboratories to the production lines.

Proximate Analysis (Feed)

BUCHI’s solutions for proximate analysis of animal feedstuffs are developed to provide a top level, very broad classification of feed components for legislative purposes. Four standard constituents can easily be obtained via chemical reactions and experiments by BUCHI, and are an inexpensive way to track deviations from the quality and composition of feed and feed ingredients.

Production Process Control (Feed)

BUCHI NIR-Online Solutions enable enhanced productivity and higher quality for maximum gross profit margins. We support you in optimizing all stages of production – from incoming goods inspection to releasing finished products. Benefit from more than a decade of experience in simultaneous multi-parameter determination in industries such as bakery, dairy, flour, oil seeds or edible oil. Main parameters include e.g. ash, fat, fiber, free fatty acids, macronutrients, moisture, protein and residual oil.

Raw Material Identification

Accurate and meaningful nutritional facts bring higher productivity, higher quality and better understanding in feed production. By monitoring of many manufacturing processes, you are able to optimize your formulation and rapidly quantify constituents. Not only including the determination of the quality and the quantity of raw material and other components, you could also establish a firewall against potential adulteration. Fast measuring processes enable automatization and require little or no sample preparation. BUCHI allows you to identify and qualify incoming raw material from feed ingredients, pre-mixes and production control to final products.

Nitrogen / Protein Determination (Feed)

Our Kjeldahl and NIR solutions meet any distinctive need whether you are involved into incoming or outgoing goods inspection, at-line production control or quality control for declaration purposes. Whereas Kjeldahl is a proven method for all kind of sample matrices, NIR is matchless in terms of immediate and comprehensive multi-component analysis.

Fat Extraction (Feed)

Our extraction portfolio comprises of five distinct methods. They allow you to perform classical fat determination in food and feed samples according to Soxhlet, hot extraction or continuous extraction. Furthermore, residue or contaminant analyses in various matrices are executed with flexible classical and pressurized extraction solutions.