Compliance management software for the energy and utilities industries - Energy - Energy Utilities

Navigating the increasingly complex regulatory requirements can be tough for energy, oil and gas, and utilities companies. In order to effectively manage risk and stay compliant, organizations must establish proactive policies and have a systematic approach to their contracts.

Without a defined, well-structured and well-managed compliance program, companies risk being heavily penalized by federal, regional, state and local regulators. Our compliance management software, hosted on Microsoft SharePoint, are a critical tool for energy, oil and gas, and utilities companies’ management of the policy and contract lifecycles.

At ConvergePoint, we also understand and stay up-to-date on the tough but necessary and ever-changing standards that businesses in the heavily regulated energy and utilities industries face. That way, we can continually update our software with new features based on our clients’ needs, enabling them to better stay in compliance and be audit-ready at all times.

Our Energy and Utilities Clients Benefit From:

  • Reduction in non-compliance issues
  • Increased employee awareness about compliance program
  • Collaborative workflow approach for policy and contract creation
  • Centralized area for collaboration, discussions, supporting information and distribution
  • Actionable compliance from real-time dashboards, reports, notifications, escalation events and active revisions
  • Proactive email reminders and notifications when policies and contracts are due for revisions, renewal, expiration or retirement
  • Configurable forms and forced data capture for advanced search functionality and ad hoc reports