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Dewatering and thickening of municipal sewage sludge - Water and Wastewater - Sludge Management

Dewatering and Thickening of Municipal Sewage Sludge using the Decanter. Flottweg has more than 50 years of experience in dewatering and thickening sewage slurry. We know the special requirements of sewage treatment plants and the water industry. As a result, we have developed a special decanter series especially for sewage treatment plants: the Flottweg C series.


For dewatering and thickening sewage slurry, it is necessary for special properties of the bowl, gear unit and control system to be guaranteed. This is the only way to achieve maximum dewatering and thickening of the sewage slurry. The Flottweg C series is the new generation of environmental centrifuges which is characterised by familiar quality and reliability as well as an optimum price/performance ratio.

  • Reducing the energy consumption by 30% compared to other decanters
  • Saving fresh water - this water is now only required in processing the polymer solution
  • Optimum price/performance ratio
  • The acoustically insulated housing means that no further acoustic protection measures are required
  • The machine is compact and easily accessible for maintenance work
  • Minimum downtimes due to straightforward exchange of wearing parts on site

The most important objective of dewatering is maximum volume reduction of the sewage slurry. This is because each tenth of a percent additional dry matter in the sludge delivers significant savings in sludge disposal.

For thickening, it is extraordinarily important to have a high separation degree and low polymer requirement. Both of these reduce the strain on the subsequent process, and thus improve the overall performance of the sewage treatment plant.

Flottweg has succeeded in building a particularly high-performance and efficient decanter in the C series, at the same time as reducing energy consumption by up to 30%. The C series has a 10 to 20% greater throughflow rate with maximum dewatering result although it is no bigger in size, because of the larger sedimentation volume. This means sewage treatment plants reduce their investment costs by installing a smaller decanter, without losing any performance.

Worldwide, numerous decanters in the C series are in service in an extremely wide range of wastewater applications. Renowned reference customers - sewage treatment plants all over the world - are highly satisfied and have been able to reduce their operating costs significantly. You can benefit from our decades of experience in dewatering and thickening sewage slurry.