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Ballast Water Solutions. Ship ballasts often carry aquatic organisms that can cause a significant problem when transported from one body of water to another. In fact, the invasion of non-native species via ballast water has been described by maritime and environmental authorities as `one of the greatest threats to the world`s waterways.`

Calgon Carbon now offers a world-leading treatment system designed to control the spread of non-indigenous aquatic organisms.

In January 2010, Calgon Carbon Corporation acquired Hyde Marine Inc., a world leader in ballast water treatment systems. More than a decade ago, Hyde Marine began developing a combination filtration/UV disinfection solution to fight the spread of invasive species aquatic organisms. Today, the Hyde GUARDIAN® Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) is one of the first International Maritime Organization (IMO) type approved, chemical-free ballast water management solutions on the market.

The GUARDIAN system is designed to meet the needs of ship owners for an affordable, compliant, and easy- to-install treatment solution with low operating costs and proven reliability. The robust design of the system operates on two levels: an efficient, auto-backflushing filter removes sediment and larger plankton, while a powerful ultraviolet disinfection system destroys smaller organisms and bacteria.

Calgon Carbon's Hyde Marine division offers years of installation and operating experience, with hundreds of systems already sold.