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Kurz Thermal Insertion Mass Flow Meter systems provide proven accuracy and reliability in the most difficult of EPA Title IV applications with the ability to survive for long periods of time without maintenance.

Volumetric Stack Flow Monitoring

Discharge sources that are required to report volumetric flow of emissions as well as content are required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to use Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) Systems. Therefore, a flow monitoring system is an integral part of the CEM System. Cement Lime Kiln applications pose a number of challenges to obtaining these re¬quired flow measurements including hot, moist and dirty air flows.

Customer Application and Performance Issues

A large cement plant in the Northeast operated 3 Lime Kilns that require Stack CEM and Flow Monitoring. Two of the stacks contained ultrasonic flow monitoring systems and the third stack contained a Kurz Thermal Mass Flow Meter that was in service for more than 12 years. Although the K-Bar 24/Adam 155 System was operational, plant policies required that the flow monitoring system be updated to keep pace with new technology and to avoid unplanned shutdowns due to product obsolescence and parts support issues.
When evaluating the available technologies, the customer considered both ultrasonic and thermal mass technologies.

The Kurz Solution

The customer decided on the Kurz K-Bar 2000B/Adam 155 Thermal Mass Flow Metering system, which provided a number of key benefits over the ultrasonic options.
First, the particulate matter being emitted can build up on other technolo¬gies, requiring an Air Purge System to provide consistent and reliable data. One true advantage in this application is the ability of the Kurz technology to maintain sensor performance and survive for long periods of time with¬out maintenance, even in extreme dirty and harsh environments.

Secondly, because of this harsh environment, the EPA specifies certain sys¬tem requirements that will provide for velocity/flow correction if a sensor becomes non-operational. The Kurz Adam 155 Flow Computer and Trans¬mitter controller contains firmware and software addressing this specific EPA requirement for stack emissions. The Adam 155's Flow Perfect™ Soft¬ware is capable of recognizing problems from any of the individual velocity sensors or electronics and will 'kick-out' the velocity reading in question. Once it eliminates the particular data, it applies a correction factor to the remaining sensors. This advanced technology provides the flow velocity correction mandated by the EPA.

The third benefit of the Kurz K-Bar 2000B/Adam 155 Thermal Mass Flow Metering System was the result of the installation cost. Since the Ultrasonic System required the sending and receiving devices be mounted at an angle across the stack flow area, a second platform would have been required to support this design requirement. Since the Kurz K-Bar 2000B solution did not require such a platform the cost savings on the installation was significant.

The final benefit of the Kurz system was the overall simplicity of the design, setup and programming, installation and proven reliability demonstrated by the 12 year old K-Bar 24 system.