Kurz Instruments has maintained a reputation for designing and manufacturing Thermal Mass Flow Transmitters for industrial gas flow measurement. Our engineers, product development specialists and management have developed flow metering products capable of operating in the harshest of environments. For more than 35 years our team has successfully provided solutions to our customers most demanding and difficult applications. Kurz products are used in a wide variety of industrial applications including combustion air, aeration air flow, digester gas, nuclear power plants, flare stack monitoring and compressed air to name only a few. Kurz Instruments headquarters is located in Monterey, California.

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2411 Garden Road , Monterey , California 93940 USA

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To be the leading manufacturer and solutions provider for thermal mass flow applications by meeting the needs of our customers through innovation, technology, simplicity, and uncompromised customer support.

The Early Years

During the 1960's, Dr. Jerome Kurz revolutionized air flow measurement by developing a series of durable, compact, and highly accurate thermal anemometer sensors that electronically measured gas flow. From the roots of this early product development, Dr. Kurz founded Kurz Instruments, Inc. in 1977.

Dr. Kurz launched the company with the intent of integrating his engineering skills with technology to create products that help the environment and solve some of the extreme measurement and monitoring challenges facing industries. The company grew from making portable instrumentation to more rugged industrial devices used in some of the harshest air and gas flow environments.

The heart of the company's products are its rugged, solid-state velocity sensors that are based on the cooling effect of a moving gas over a heated sensor element. Kurz is the recognized leader in thermal convection mass flow meters.

Second Generation

In April 2008, Dr. Kurz appointed his son Daniel as President of the company. Daniel had previously served over 8 years as General Manager for Kurz Instruments.

Daniel continues the leadership and innovation started by his father by developing the highly accurate and highly reliable B-Series probe sensor and electronics, designing a fully digital replacement to the Wheatstone bridge, and creating the unique WGF flow meter that provides unmatched functionality in wet gas flows.


Kurz Instruments is dedicated to providing outstanding products that exceed the most challenging industry requirements. Whether the application calls for general information, exacting accuracy, or systems protection in gasses, liquids, or slurries, Kurz offers the highest quality most dependable solutions available. Offering a wide array of products that are easy to install, easy to operate and easy to depend on; Kurz’ twin commitments to quality and reliability has fostered over 35 years of demonstrated reliability in the toughest applications.


Our product line of gas mass flow transmitters are used for a wide variety of industrial and process applications including power plants, process gas applications, refineries, cement plants, pulp and paper mills, aeration air metering and other heavy industrial applications. Kurz Instruments also offers instrumentation for process flow control systems in nuclear power plants and DOE Air Sampling Systems.

Sensor Design

The Kurz sensor is designed to provide a very high level flow signal to noise ratio and to withstand the wide temperature swings, vibration, dust, and process contaminants found in heavy industry, research and manufacturing. Kurz gas flow instrumentation can provide a live signal down to zero, excelling in accuracy at ranges far below other technologies.


Many of Kurz’s original instruments from 1977 remain in the field, performing as designed now for over 35 years. Kurz Instruments carries a long-standing reputation for rugged devices that provide accuracy, consistency and reliability even in the harshest of environments. From sub zero to near one thousand degrees, from clean gasses to fly ash laden streams, Kurz designs and builds for the real world.

No other manufacturer matches Kurz meters for response time, accuracy, repeatability, flow turn-down capability, ruggedness, value, quality and demonstrated reliability.