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Energy efficiency and emission reduction solutions for pulp and paper industry - Pulp & Paper

Typical paper mills use most of their energy in the drying process.  In fact some 60% to 80% of a paper mill’s energy can be used for drying of the product. Our FLU-ACE heat recovery technology can recover as much as 90% of the heat normally lost through dryer section / hood exhausts in the form of water at 50°C to 70°C. This is possible using the FLU-ACE’s unique direct contact (gas/liquid) packed-tower design, enabling optimal recovery of both sensible and latent heat, in widely varying operating conditions.

Unlike traditional mechanical traps, our GEM steam traps have no moving parts and require virtually no maintenance. In fact, we offer a ten-year “no fail” performance warranty, which means increased reliability and less maintenance costs. The installation of venturi orifice designed GEM steam traps will help you eliminate water hammering problems, eliminate the cost of replacing failed traps, and improve your production output. You will no longer suffer from interrupted production caused by repeated mechanical trap failure.

Typical applications:
Dryers, paper machines, smelt dissolving tanks, heated cylinders/rolls, pocket ventilation heaters, steam to water heat exchangers, space heaters, steam turbines, boilers, coater machines, paper machines, heaters and container board machines and line drainage.