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Intelex’s environmental, health and safety and quality software solutions support government organizations around the world in their efforts to provide excellent service, ensure clean, safe drinking water, mitigate environmental impacts and exceed health and safety standards.

Intelex understands that, for municipalities, few responsibilities rank higher in importance than the provision of safe, clean drinking water to all the residents and businesses it serves. That’s why we’ve developed solutions that map to specific drinking water quality management standards (e.g. DWQMS, Clean Water Act, etc.), making complete, up-to-date compliance with all legal and regulatory drinking water quality standards effortless for any municipal organization, regardless of size and scope.

Intelex’s Drinking Water Quality Management System solutions are entirely web-based, and ensure the highest level of drinking water quality by addressing all elements of a comprehensive drinking water QMS, including document control, task assignment, nonconformances and corrective / preventive actions. Our intuitive, user-friendly software provides a real-time, bird’s eye view of quality performance across all water treatment plants and facilities, right up to a municipalities environmental management department and executive management team.

Key Components and Functionality:

Document and Records Control

Maintain a centralized, audit-ready repository of all documents used across your organization that is easily accessed by all employees at all locations. Centralize and access all documents related to drinking water QMS management, including:

  • Drinking water system descriptions.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Written endorsements by top management.
  • Operational plans.
  • Maintenance, rehabilitation and renewal.
  • Sampling, testing and monitoring records.
  • Measurement, equipments calibration and maintenance records.

Effortlessly demonstrate that documents and records are current, accurate, and easily retrievable, as well as retained, protected and disposed of according to QMS requirements.

Drinking Water Health Hazard and Risk Assessment

Record and monitor Critical Control Limits and Critical Control Points, identify, rank and link potentially hazardous events and associated hazards, ensure risk assessment activities are conducted on a regular basis, and document all outcomes.

Task Management

Ensure all activities related to fulfilling all drinking water quality management system requirements are always complete with real-time scorecards and automatic, escalating email notifications.

Communications Management

Facilitate and track communications related to drinking water QMS aspects between upper-level management, system owners, operating authority personnel, suppliers and citizens.

Reporting and Tracking of Nonconformances

Easily track and report on quality nonconformances across all municipal water treatment facilities and subject systems within a centralized repository. Identify and track trends using built-in, real-time reports and dashboards.

Corrective and Preventive Action Management

Assign corrective and preventive actions to individuals and track completion progress over time. Nonconformances trigger automated CAPA forms to ensure every issue is addressed, followed up with and corrected.

Audits Management

Define internal audit criteria, frequency, scope, methodology and record-keeping requirements. Ensure year-round, perpetual preparedness for drinking water quality and quality management audits.

Management Review

Track, schedule, evaluate, record and follow up on management meetings and other activities and ensure coverage of incidents, non-compliances, deviations, efficacy, audit results, and more.

In demanding safe practices among constituent organizations and businesses, municipalities need to set the standard by achieving the highest level of occupational health and safety performance across all municipal offices and facilities. Intelex safety management solutions provide the tools to ensure all sites feature the safest conditions for municipal employees and are best positioned for continuous safety improvement. Key solutions include:

Incident, Near Miss and Dangerous Condition Reporting

Record, track and report incidents and near misses and easily calculate KPIs such as Total Injury Rate and Lost Time Accidents. An intuitive user interface boosts adoption from frontline employees, ensuring the municipal corporation is able to proactively mitigate risks by analyzing comprehensive analytics and identifying trends.

Safety Hazards and Risks Assessment

Capture behavioral observations and facilitate the identification, scoring, ranking and mitigation of existing and potential safety risks and hazards throughout municipal offices and facilities.

Root-Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Management

Perform accurate root-cause analysis through compressive reporting and real-time dashboard and scorecard tools. Automate and assign corrective and preventive actions to employees and track completion over time.


Legal Compliance, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001

Public sector organizations around the world are beholden to the laws and regulations defined by state, regional, provincial and national governments. To ensure sustained compliance with regulations as well as the highest level of environmental, health, safety and quality performance, these organizations also often seek certification with widely adopted management standards. There is no better way to ensure the highest level of sustained compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements, as well as sustained conformance to standards-based frameworks than to implement an Intelex management system. Our solutions were designed to map directly to the world’s leading standards specifications: ISO 9001 for quality management, and ISO 14001 for environmental management.

Drinking Water Quality Management

As governments strive to avoid the devastating and life-threatening effects of drinking water compromised by dangerous bacteria and other contaminants, regulations affecting drinking water quality management have become pervasive across North America and around the world. We have developed solutions that simplify compliance with drinking water quality standards. Though drinking water quality management standards vary from region to region, most are designed to ensure procedures carried out within water treatment facilities and across all city-run locations are deeply rooted in complete, sustained drinking water safety and quality. Intelex’s drinking water quality management systems make it easy to comply with all drinking water requirements (e.g. DWQMS in Ontario, Clean Water Act in U.S., etc.) and provide the highest quality of drinking water.