Presto Geosystems

Environmental protection solutions for the porous pavements - Soil and Groundwater

Our porous pavement solutions can be designed for use with a variety of permeable fill to suit any loading and stormwater requirements.  Three high-performance paving options offer porous solutions to hard surface pavements: GEOBLOCK grass pavers; GEOPAVE aggregate pavers; and GEOWEB pervious soil stabilization systems - all economical options for emergency, utility and site access roads, and permeable parking areas.  Each solution is suitable for low impact development (LID) and green infrastructure design and contribute to green building credits for managing stormwater and reducing site disturbance.

GEOBLOCK & GEOBLOCK5150 Porous Pavement Benefits

  • Sustainable, vegetated solutions protect turf under traffic loading, offer a cool-grassed, drivable surface for occasional traffic.
  • May be designed to support H-20 loading with minimal base.
  • Rigid paver design, load transfer tabs, and interconnected cell walls offer maximum load distribution and highest resistance to vehicle stresses.
  • Topsoil infill and topsoil/aggregate ‘engineered base’ offer the industry’s highest infiltration rate and best medium for vegetative growth.

GEOPAVE Porous Pavement Benefits

  • Works with a wide variety of aggregates to create permeable and stable pavements for daily traffic loadings.
  • System includes use of open-graded aggregate base course for the industry’s highest infiltration rate and largest storage capacity.
  • Colored aggregate may be chosen for optimal aesthetic design.
  • Designed to support H-20 loading with minimal base.

GEOWEB Porous Pavement Benefits

  • The 3D cellular structure is a low-cost solution for creating permeable aggregate roads and pavements.
  • The system may allows use of local, less expensive fill material.
  • Fire lanes & occasional use traffic areas can be built with topsoil/aggregate ‘engineered infill’ for load-supporting grass pavements.

  • Vegetated & Stabilized Aggregate
  • Emergency Access
  • Utility Maintenance Lanes
  • Porous Parking Areas
  • Trails & Walkways