Presto Geosystems

Environmental solutions for the geomembrane protection - Soil and Groundwater

High-Strength Protection of Geomembrane Liners. As a protective cover for geomembranes for closure caps and stormwater ponds, the GEOWEB system prevents liner damage and degradation. With infill confined in the GEOWEB system, slopes can be designed steeper while maintaining strength and integrity, even when subjected to settlement - common in landfills.  The landfill cover system can be designed as a vegetated, aggregate armored, or concrete solution that remains flexible.  GEOWEB liner protection is a ‘complete solution’ including integral tendons and ATRA tendon load transfer clips.

GEOWEB Benefits for Liner Protection

  • Protects and prevents damage to impervious liners for closure caps and stormwater ponds.
  • Allows cover system to be vegetated, aggregate armored, or a flexible concrete solution.
  • Allows slopes to be designed steeper than when soils are unconfined.
  • A complete system solution with integral tendons and ATRA load transfer clips can be suspended over a liner, protecting and maintaining its integrity.
  • Installs and infills quickly when compared to formed reinforced concrete, reducing construction schedules.

  • Access Roads
  • Erosion Control
  • Geomembrane Protection
  • Closures Caps & Containment
  • Stormwater Drainage Channels