KLASS-Filter GmbH

Filter technique solutions for the solid / fluid-separation with the wendelfilter sector - Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation

The pollution flows into the feeding tank. The optimal fill level can be controlled manually, using a switch through a fixture. The pollution is lifted upwards by the spiral over the divider pipe, which can be fitted with up to four filter columns. The solid material is concentrated and dehydrated in the spiral on the way up and released over the solid waste chute at the top. From there, it can be taken away by a conveyor. The precipitator efficiency is much higher using a very small 100μm fi lter than a filter squeezer. Pollutions with a very low initial DM can be processed too. The KLASS-Wendelfilter is used as separator or dekantor for concentration of wash-water, separation of slurry and digestate or concentration of sludge.