Gas Detection and Analysis Equipment for Energy Generation Industry - Energy

Recent decades brought a rapid growth in the global demand for energy. This trend is accurate for both developed as well as developing countries. Electrical power is a key source of energy for the vast majority of the world population. Although the usage of renewable energy is on the rise, the majority of electric power production worldwide is still based on conventional methods utilizing coal, oil and gas as its fuel to power the stations.

The burning of fossil fuels in energy use is one of the primary sources for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Energy-related emissions of Carbon Dioxide resulting from the combustion of petroleum, coal, and natural gas, account for most of total human-caused (anthropogenic) GHG emissions. Another greenhouse gas, methane (CH4), is also common in landfills, power plants and Bio-Fuel operations.

Taking advantage of the InfraRed “spectral stamp” of some of the harmful gases, thermal imaging cameras can detect and visualize the presence of the gas, and enable us to reduce the risk associated with them.

EyeCGas camera is a high sensitivity camera, utilizing the Mid-Wave Infrared spectrum (3-5 um). It is field proven and has been found very efficient in detecting Natural Gas, Methane – CH4, and other VOC’s in power plants, and other energy related sites.