Boreal Laser Inc.

Gas Detection Solutions for Aluminium - Metal - Aluminium

Primary aluminium smelting generates large amounts of hydrogen fluoride gas (HF). Worker safety and ambient air quality concerns require that HF be monitored at several locations in smelters. Traditionally, a variety of chemical sampling methods have been used for HF monitoring in and around smelters. However, these methods are labour intensive and require ongoing maintenance and consumables. During the past decade, laser based HF analyzers have been replacing the traditional methods. Laser analyzers are compact, robust and reliable and provide accurate HF data. Fast response times that enable easy correlation of high HF emissions with work practices.

Our technology is used to optimize and improve operational and management techniques to:

  • Reduce fugitive HF emissions to protect the environment
  • Give continuous and instantaneous readings to enhance operational efficiency
  • Most importantly, safeguard people in and around the smelters

When it comes to continuous pot room roof monitoring Boreal is the clear choice:

  • Cannot be fouled, poisoned, or mechanically over ranged: very reliably delivers accurate readings even after repeated high concentration HF exposures.
  • Minimal Maintenance: checks internal reference cell every minute, robust design, and requires no consumables to operate.
  • As instantaneous response times as you can get: significantly faster response times than other gas detection companies/technologies.
  • Low (overall or amortized) cost of ownership (because they can last +20 years) and low operation and maintenance costs.
  • No interference with other gases and No False Alarms: “It finds exactly what you’re looking for.”

Boreal Laser is the leading supplier of HF monitors for environmental and process control in aluminium smelters worldwide. Let us show you how these products can benefit your facility.