International Ozone Technologies Group, Inc.

Hydroxyl generator for Commercial government - Commercial

International Ozone using Titan technology, we on earth can clean and sterilize all commercial indoor air quality no mater the size or level of contamination. Many government agencies including the EPA blame two causes of Sick building syndrome. Older poorly ventilated buildings that do not allow proper air flow throughout the entire area can spawn vicious bacteria’s and viruses that will greatly affect the air quality for customers as well as employees. The second, poorly maintained ventilation systems the actually hold pathogens and recirculate contaminated air reputedly throughout the structure with unintended consequences. Leaving these issues unattended to without using Titan Hydroxyl systems will only create more unintended air quality problems and sickness.

There are many factors that result in slowing of employee production. Air quality and sicknesses should not be one of them. The last thing an employer wants are sick or absent employees. When a commercial company has employees not healthy, production can be severly effected. Sick or unhealthy employees caused by low air quality can cause low productivity, subpar job satisfaction or even high employee turnover rates.

These companies could use Titan hydroxyl generators that produce no ozone, but very high levels of hydroxyl radicals to clean and decontaminate the air. Once Titan hydroxyl generators are strategically placed in the workplace, will rapidly improve air quality which will intern increase workplace persona as well as production.