Ice blasting technology for pulp and paper

Pulp and paper industry is one of the largest industries in the world. This industry deals with lots of harmful chemicals. Ice blasting is a non-abrasive and chemical free cleaning process with negligible airborne which is the answer to a range of cleaning issues.

Applications for Coulson Ice Blast in the Pulp and paper industry sector:

  • Cleans all piping, valves, floor gratings, walls and machine structures of chemical residues.
  • Removes lime build-up from various walkways, stairs and tanks.
  • Cleans caustic chemicals from storage tanks.
  • Removes heavy petroleum lubricants from gear teeth.
  • Removes dirt, lime, grease and oil from motor drives and bearings.
  • Cleans a wide variety of residues including paper stock, bacterial growth and printing inks.
  • Removed dirt, grease, oil, pulp residue from paper rollers
  • Performed lead based paint abatement from steel beams and supports