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Identification of drugs and medicines - Health Care


At present, pharmacology, being an integral part of medical science, shows rapid development resulting in the discovery of ever growing number of new drugs and medicines. Hence, quality control and identification of drugs acquires vital importance as the number of counterfeited products inconsistent with Pharmacopoeia concurrently increases with the introduction of new numerous drugs. Identification of the drugs is necessary to reject the products that not only lack the required medicinal properties but might be hazardous to human health.

The IR spectroscopy techniques provide authentication of substances, identification and rapid quality control of both source chemicals and ready-made drugs due to the fact that each chemical substance in the composition of a medicine has its unique transmission spectrum which allows for its precise identification.

Drugs and medicines are analyzed in a mixture with potassium bromide as pressed pellets or as an emulsion with immersion liquids (i.e., Nujol). If the analyzed product is in emulsified state (ointment), it is analyzed without pretreatment. The prepared sample (pellet or emulsion) is placed, respectively, into a pellet holder or cell which are installed into the cell compartment. Then the IR spectrum of the analyzed sample is recorded.