Maagan Filtration

Industrial filtration solutions for the HVAC + cooling towers sector - Air and Climate

More than 85% of contaminated suspended solids in water from cooling towers and in hot water loops, are smaller than 5 microns. These micron contaminates circulate through heat exchangers, chillers, and compressors, significantly reducing the system’s cooling ability.Even tiny scale fouling and particle formation reduces the heat transfer rate and increases the water pressure drop through the heat exchanger, condenser and pipes, resulting in an increase in energy costs.

The Sheaf Filter efficiently removes suspended solid particles down to a single micron, and protects your water systems from fouling. Your cooling towers and heat exchangers will maintain excellent efficiency all year round with the fine filtration solution of the the Sheaf filter .

The Sheaf Filter is your cost effective, reliable and green solution for cleaning cooling water and reducing maintenance costs.