Maagan Filtration

Industrial filtration solutions for the industry process sector - Water and Wastewater

Numerous industries depend highly on filtered fresh water and demand efficient, reliable and cost effective filter solutions for their water polishing processes and water reusage. Cartridge filters are commonly used in many industries. These however often require scheduled and unscheduled shutdowns for maintenance, as well as manual cleaning and replacement of screens, bags, cartridges, and membranes, resulting in thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

Whether the filter is collecting  the actual product being manufactured,  or acting as a pure environmental emission control measure, there is a clear need to maximize performance for the process concerned.

The Sheaf Filter™ provides the complete solution to these various industries’ needs. The Sheaf Filter™ is the right solution for either effluent polishing or protecting your downstream investment. For pre-treatment prior to reverse osmosis and for filtration of your plant recycled process waters. The Sheaf Filter™ can be used for water applications in various industrial markets such as: pulp and paper, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, mining, metal processing, power generation and many other industries.