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Industrial monitoring solutions for the dust monitors areas - Monitoring and Testing - Air Monitoring and Testing

For large combustion plants and power plants we offer the DCEM 2100 particulate monitor. This monitor is certified to EN 15267 part 3 QAL 1 for all industrial processes including waste incineration. It offers outputs in Transmission, Opacity and mg/m3 (when calibrated against a Standard Reference Method). The DCEM 2100 offers real-time zero and span calibration and an efficient air purge system to prevent optical contamination.

The DCEM 2100 also has a valve system to prevent stack contaminants damaging the optical surfaces should the air purge fail. Finally, the analyser has a misalignment check that warns when misalignment drift sets in.

Where the plant has auxiliary bag houses, the StakGard Tribo-electric leaking bag detector will detect excessive emissions and give an alarm output.

There is a particular problem of CO build up on Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) which can lead to an explosion in the ESP. The CODEL Model 1010 can monitor CO levels in ESP’s and give an alarm when levels reach a critical point.