Industrial shredders for tyre industry - Manufacturing, Other

Préciméca designs, manufactures, installs and ensures the After Sales of tyres shredders since 1992. To work with the only French specialist proposing a range specific to the Scrap Tyre treatment, it is to ensure of the best treatment at the best production cost of the market.

Present within AFNOR and the ETRA, in relation to the European eco-organizations (ALIAPUR, FRP, SIGNUS, TNU, …). Benefit from our experiments in the 3 types of treatment of the scrap tires :

  • energetic valorization : only machine of the market allowing to obtain TDF (50x50 or 30x40mm) in only one step. In association, the 16-02 and the RAP 1000 proposes you the production of TDF (<25mm without stell to 98%) with a very high output at the best cost of the market.
  • valorization civil engineering : produce 100x100 is possible with a shredder 15-02 (15t/H) or one 16-02 (8t/H) with the best quality of cut during all the lifespan of the knives.
  • valorization granulates : produce 0-4mm with only 3 machines is possible with Précimeca (16-02 + RAP 1000 + GR1600).