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Industrial solutions for air quality monitoring - Monitoring and Testing - Air Monitoring and Testing

To protect humans and the environment from damage by air pollution, it is of the utmost importance to measure the levels of pollutants in the air. Real time monitoring of dangerous gases is particularly interesting in hazardous areas, as the conditions can change dramatically very quickly, with serious consequences. ADVANTICSYS employs its knowledge in wireless sensor networks to develop customized solutions for our customers.

Environmental Magnitudes: Temperature, Humidity, Light
Gas & Particle Concentration: O2, CO, CO2, SO2, H2S, NO, NO2, NH3, CH4, PM-10, TVOC
Ambient Monitoring: Rainfall, Wind speed, Wind direction, UV levels, Atmospheric pressure


The measurement of gas levels at hazardous environments requires the use of robust and trustworthy equipment that meets industrial regulations. ADVANTICSYS has developed solutions to wireless monitor large areas, ensuring the adequate gas concentration levels, such as those of oxygen and carbon monoxide.

  • Robust certified sensor equipment
  • Extended autonomy, battery and AC powered alternatives
  • Industrial & office environment models


Outdoor monitoring of air quality requires the use not only of accurate sensors, but also rain & wind resistant housing, as well as the use of energy harvesting techniques that ensure extended autonomy to equipment which will most probably have difficult access.

  • Robust certified sensor equipment
  • Extended autonomy through the use of energy harvesting systems
  • Remote weather stations, urban air monitoring


ADVANTICSYS solutions adapt the network topology to the customer’s needs. These range, at low level, from single hop to multihop wireless protocols, and at high level, from local access to the sensor infrastructure to remote access using the internet.

  • Adapted wireless protocols depending on customer requirements
  • Local & remote access to the deployed networks
  • Different gateway & router alternatives

ADVANTICSYS provides customized software solutions for the final user.

  • Data Storage
  • Data analysis & graphic creation
  • Integration of the solution with the customer’s systems