ChemTreat, Inc.  - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation

Industrial water treatment products for chemical processing - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

Ethylene, styrene, ammonia, methanol, and other chemical producers require sustainable utility treatment results. Our technology focus is on reducing corrosion and fouling, while meeting compliance, safety regulations, and alternative water resource demands.

ChemTreat is a leading supplier of water management products and services to the chemical industry. Our advanced automation and control systems complement our complete line of chemical treatment programs. Our programs encompass the entire spectrum of industry applications, including pretreatment, cooling water, boiler water, and wastewater solutions, as well as: process additives, water reuse programs, and closed loop cooling systems.

ChemTreat is able to deliver optimum results for even the most complex chemical processing systems. In situations where we are serving a larger, more demanding facility, we typically establish an on-site ChemTreat office to ensure dedicated services and full-time technical support.

Two of ChemTreat’s new technologies involve products and analytical measurement devices developed as a result of chemical industry applications for high-stress systems, with the chemical industry growing to one of our largest, single-industry segments.