ChemTreat, Inc.  - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation

Industrial water treatment products for Commercial water treatment systems - Commercial

At many commercial facilities, the time and resources devoted to the operations of a water treatment system are often limited. ChemTreat understands the diverse and unique needs of this sector and provides solutions for the challenges faced within the industry.

The marketplace for commercial and institutional water treatment systems encompasses hospitals, universities, data centers, and various government and real estate buildings. ChemTreat recognizes the comfort and safety of the people who come through the doors of public buildings each day is critical to one’s business. Our team dedicates themselves to providing the service and support to ensure an efficient water treatment system.

Cooling towers and boilers are often positioned in challenging locations within facilities and limited staff may be on hand to take care of the operations and maintenance of the equipment and processes necessary to run an effective system. Efficient delivery options and a hassle-free water management plan are vital to facility operations. ChemTreat offers a Neat Delivery program for drums, totes, liquids, and solids that eliminates chemical handling for its customers. Our CTVista® technology is user-friendly performance monitoring program which can save you time, money, and resources.

ChemTreat understands the need for reliable, safe, and effective water treatment systems. Our products eliminate scale, corrosion, and deposits, prevent bacteria growth, and test for Legionella. We offer solutions that reduce energy and water consumption in order to deliver bottom line results to our valued customers.