Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

Industrial Weighing - Hazardous Area (Ex) Weighing

Explosive areas need special consideration, but performance should not be compromised. That’s why METTLER TOLEDO has built the most extensive range of hazardous area (Ex) products available from a range of compact, bench, floor, custom, load cells and vehicle scales up to 2000 tons. Many of our products comply with the new European ATEX directive for Group 2 and 3 devices, Factory Mutual, Canadian Standards as well as many country specific regulations.

We supply easy to use, easy to read, human machine and machine-to-machine interfaces via fiber optic or copper wire. Our products offer the flexibility of mobile battery operation and/or fixed, use specific, power supplies and enclosures.

All terminals designed for use in these hazardous environments have received Weights & Measures approvals, assuring accurate weights in your process. In addition, intrinsically safe barriers for use with standard terminals have been designed to minimize effects of temperature change, a requirement often overlooked by other suppliers, and resulting in inaccurate weights.