Industrial Weighing - Product Inspection - Contaminant Detection

It is important to consider the type of likely contaminants, characteristics of the packaging used and the critical control points within production and packaging process to select the most appropriate contamination detection technology.

Metal detectors are ideal for applications that require detecting metal contaminants whether it is ferrous, non-ferrous or stainless steel. Metal detectors are really the only choice for detecting metal in gravity fall applications.

X-ray inspection systems should be deployed for the applications that require the detection of dense contaminants like glass, stone, bone, high density plastics, rubber as well as metal. X-ray inspection is ideal for metal detection when products are packed in metallised packaging.

Vision inspection solutions can be used for the detection of low density contaminants which may only be detectable visually, including things like hot-spots on packaging or inclusion of black particles, or excess plastic from the container manufacturing.