Injection molding machine with Cooling water system

In injection molding process cooling spends the most time. You can know a nice cooling system is important to injection molding industry. But cooling water system always has many problems with limescale. That would cause injection molding process unstable. Even worse, these impurities enter into the cooling system of injection machines and lead to: blockage on mold and oil water way, descending heat exchange efficiency, lowering production speed, overheated oil temperature contributes to oil leakage and medicinal liquid cleaning will cause crack. Know about how to optimize the cooling system of injection molding please go to our website. cooling-towers.com.tw

Closed circuit cooling tower with Plastic molding

Cooling system is an indispensable link at the production process of plastic injection machines. For all domestic and international customers whose industries are injection molding, cooling is mainly divided into a few parts:

  • Mold 
  • Feeder
  • Oil temperature cooling

In order to make injection machines operate 24 hours and achieve energy-saving, we need to pay attention to the operating efficiency of cooling tower. However, the limescale always appear in cooling system even enters the injection system. That would cause limescale blockage to thichen tube wall, unstable cooling water temperature and increase the shutdown rate.

How to sovle limescale issues in injection machine even the whole injection system?