CIC Photonics

Integrated real-time gas analysis solution for chemical weapon agents - Defense

The nation has stockpiled thousands of cylinders and canisters of toxic and deadly chemical weapon agents, including mustard gas (HD), sarin (GB), tabun (GA), and V-agents. Most of these CWAs are stored at DOD facilities around the country and many have been in storage for years and years. As a consequence, DOD requirements specify that the stockpiles have to be monitored regularly for leakages to prevent release to the environment and exposure to personnel.

FTIR gas analyzers are one chosen technology for leakage monitoring since FTIRs are capable of simultaneous detection of multiple gas species at concentration levels down to ppb.  One advantage to FTIR is that the infrared spectra of CWAs and their stimulants are well documented.

CIC Photonics first responded to a call for CWA detection soon after the 911 disaster when the DOD issued a Broad Agency Announcement for technology to be applied to chemical and biological warfare.  The company drafted and submitted a QUAD chart based on FTIR and was advanced through the White Paper phase.
More recently we responded to a U.S. Army RFQ for CWA stockpile monitoring and to a similar request from the U.S. Air Force.  The latter RFQ confirmed that CWA detection is an ongoing requirement of the DOD agencies and validates our IRGAS-CWA as a viable Solution.