Master Magnets Ltd

Magnets for the packaging industry - Packaging

Contamination free product is ever important, The Master Magnets range of Magnetic Grids, Plate Magnets, Drum Separators and Bullet Separators remove ferrous contamination from many types of packaging material. Metal Detectors can then be utilised to ensure complete protection against any metallic content.

The final opportunity for removing or detecting metal contamination is at the packaging stage.  At this point, there are two opportunities to ensure that the finished product is metal-free.

  • As the product is being packed, Magnetic Separators such as Tube & Grid Magnets, Plate Magnets, and Bullet Magnets can be positioned in the process to capture tramp iron;
  • In some cases, where materials are being conveyed prior to packing, Overband Magnets can be installed over the belt, the conveyor head pulley can be replaced with a Pulley Magnet, or a Magnetic Drum can be built into the line. All these are self-cleaning designs;
  • As a final step, the packed material can be passed over or through a Metal Detector. This will detect any metal contamination and allow removal and recycling;