GEA Filtration

Membrane filtration systems for biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry

GEA Filtration is experienced in processing a wide range of products on a commercial basis and by testing products at the plant site or in our pilot plant testing facility. Definition of the Industrial Biotech and Environmental Biotech Sector. This sector uses living organisms to manufacture a variety of products that result in the reduction of pollution, resource consumption and waste. Typical products include bioethanol, industrial enzymes, biological fuel cells, enzymes for bioremediation, biodegradable plastics and much more.

Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology Applications
Cell harvesting or biomass recovery is an important step in any fermentation process, especially when manufacturing bulk intermediates such as antibiotics. Membrane filtration has successfully replaced separation methods such as rotary vacuum filters or centrifugation in many plants by significantly improving product yields and reducing operator involvement and maintenance costs. Membranes are also a standard part of industrial enzyme manufacturing lines to concentrate the enzymes prior to further downstream processing.