Fruit Control Equipments Srl (FCE)

Nitrogen Generators for Coffe`s Conservation - Food and Beverage

The packaging of the coffee pods occurs through the use of nitrogen to obtain a better preservation of the aroma. The nitrogen for foods E941 is a gas insoluble in water and free of taste that prevents the development of microorganisms, rancidity and insect attack. The nitrogen generator produces inert gas at a production cost negligible.


Nitrogen is introduced inside the pods containing coffee to counteract oxidative phenomena determined by the presence of oxygen. In the absence of the oxidation, the coffee preserves the aromatic characteristics throughout the period of preservation the product.

Advantages of the system

  • Production of nitrogen for foods E941 standards-compliant EIGA Food, according to the regulations 2000/63/EC, and 95/2/UE 178/2002/UE
  • Maintaining aromatic characteristics
  • Economic system
  • Easy Installation
  • Continuous monitoring and remote management capabilities
  • Modular solutions for each application