Fruit Control Equipments Srl (FCE)

Nitrogen Generators for Oil - Oil, Gas & Refineries

If your demand is to reduce the costs preserving musts, wines and oil from degradations, oxidations and anomalous alterations, then the moment has come to consider the use of a nitrogen generator. The nitrogen application is largely diffused in the food sector. FRUIT CONTROL EQUIPMENTS proposes you an innovative method for the production of such gas, rational and economic, to the course of all the pockets.With his nitrogen generators produced by FRUIT CONTROL EQUIPMENTS is possible to immediately get usable nitrogen in extremely simple,sure and cleaning way. In fact the nitrogen production is gotten through the physical separation of the atmospheric air.

Advantages of the system

  • gas cylinders are not necessary
  • concentyration level is adjustable and controllable in real time
  • power consumption is very limited 
  • regulation and immission of nitrogen produced is extremely simple and automatic
  • storage of nitrogen is possibile for future uses
  • use of nitrogen generator doesn’t required any particolar permission 
  • pay back of the investment is extremely quickly 
  • the nitrogen produced is dried, so without humidity, very proper for storage of different foods and drink