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Control Asphalt Odors Naturally: The production of hot mix paving asphalt generates odors that can be strong, persistent, and a nuisance to employees and neighbors alike. Controlling and abating these odors can be a challenge.

The asphalt industry has been asking for a process additive that will control odors, not simply mask those odors. In response, OMI Industries, a long time leader in industrial odor control, has developed a new family of products that can be mixed directly into petroleum products used in the asphalt industry to control odorous emissions. By adding a small amount of the correct additive to your liquid storage and handling process, the odorous emissions are significantly reduced, and even eliminated.

Ecosorb asphalt odor control products are ideal for the following applications:

  • Hot Mix Asphalt Cement (Neat)
  • Hot Mix Asphalt Cement with Anti-Strip and Other Additives
  • Cutback Asphalt
  • Asphalt Emulsions
  • Fuel Oil
  • Used Oil Fuels

Ecosorb products have been effective in controlling nuisance odor emissions in refineries, terminals, hot mix plants, transportation systems, and paving operations around the U.S. and internationally.

  • Ecosorb products eliminate – not mask – odors.
  • Ecosorb products are effective against both organic and inorganic odors.
  • Ecosorb products create a neutral atmosphere where the malodor is removed, not replaced with a masking odor.
  • Ecosorb products go directly into your asphalt cement, burner fuels and emulsions.
  • Ecosorb products have been tested by independent and customer labs proving they have no negative effect on the properties of the asphalts.


Simple to use.
By adding the correct dilution quantity of Ecosorb additive to your asphalt binders, fuel oil and used oil fuels during transfer and handling processes, you eliminate unwanted odors, even including burner exhaust.

Safe to use.
Ecosorb products are non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable. They contain no harmful VOCs, and are safe for both humans and the environment.

Packaging options.
Ecosorb asphalt odor control products are available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes. Contact OMI Industries directly for information on pricing.

Ecosorb products are proven effective in lab tests.
We used an independent laboratory to analyze the effect Ecosorb asphalt additive has on asphalt. Using a gas chromatograph attached to a mass spectrometer, a headspace analysis of 300°F PG 64-22 asphalt treated with Ecosorb products was compared to an untreated sample of the same asphalt.

Test results demonstrated that no volatile components were detected in the treated sample while in the untreated sample increasing higher molecular weight hydrocarbons were found as volatile components. Ecosorb odor neutralization treatment had reduced the volatile emission to a level below the detection limit of the instrument. Ecosorb products DO NOT MASK ODORS. INSTEAD THEY SUPPRESS VOLATILE ODOROUS EMISSIONS.

For years OMI Industries has been offering industries effective odor control solutions through treatment of open air and process emissions.

Terminals - Transportation and Handling.
Asphalt terminals tend to be located in industrial areas, often near rail and harbor access. However, they still have neighbors; sometimes residential. The loading and unloading of the asphalt can be an odorous process. Even the transportation of the asphalt out of the terminal can be a problem with the trucks going through towns. As little as 0.5 gallons of Ecosorb additive can eliminate nuisance odors associated with transportation and handling of the asphalt.

Terminals – Storage Tanks.
Sometimes it may not be practical to use the asphalt additive in a terminal or other storage facility, especially, for instance, with long-term storage where the tanks may vent foul odors. In these cases it is practical to collect the vent gasses and port them to a simple misting vessel in which standard aqueous Ecosorb 606 is used to remove the odors from the vent gases before release to the atmosphere during storage tank cleaning.

Hot mix plants.
When possible, hot mix plants are located in areas away from residential and even commercial neighbors. Older plants find that although originally located in remote areas, the neighbors grow toward the plant and then complain about the odors associated with a facility that was there before them. Experience tells us these plants can squelch the neighborhood complaints with the simple addition of the Ecosorb Asphalt Additive put into their binder.