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Odor control for rubber and plastic - Plastics & Resins

From process to product, we remove odors from rubber and plastic. Malodors, whether connected to the process or embedded within the end product, are an inherent concern associated with manufacturing polymers. Fortunately, OMI Industries has a versatile solution that’s proven to work within the plastics and rubber industries. Ecosorb odor neutralizing products feature a proprietary, natural and environmentally safe formulation that’s fast acting and effective at removing detrimental polymer odors without the use of masking agents or fragrances.

To date, Ecosorb odor removal products have been used to eliminate polymer odors associated with new and recycled products such as tires or mats. They have also proven to be equally adept at eliminating process odors emitted through exhaust stacks during the manufacturing of polymer materials, or from the handling of recycled plastic and rubber materials.

Add Ecosorb to Remove Odors.
Outside of the plant, Ecosorb products are still your best defense against unwanted smells. For end-product specific odor control applications, they are available in additive formulations that neutralize odors connected with phenolic resins and many others. There are also Ecosorb products that can be compounded into the plastics that are used in consumer good packaging.

The smell of burning rubber is sure to elicit complaints directed to your plant from just about any neighboring community. Be a good neighbor and Contact OMI for help in determining which Ecosorb delivery system is right for your plant.

Plastics products.

  • Ecosorb 303A – Plastics, Rubber products, Foundry Resins
  • Ecosorb 203A – Plastics, Rubber products